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All the Best Deals This Christmas

Christmas is one season that most people all across the world look forward to. And now that it’s here again, you can obviously feel the excitement in the air. This is the time for visiting family and old friends, hanging out, bonding and most importantly, giving gifts and getting better items for your home for the next year. Hence, you will be doing yourself a whole lot of good by ensuring that you take advantage of all the best Christmas deals that you can find online.

Best Christmas Sales on Jumia 2018

This year, hop on the Jumia Christmas sale running from the 13th to the 25th of December, 2018. We have as much as 60% off on items on our website and over 100 vouchers for gifts and items when you use the Jumia App. Looking for the best Christmas sales for the year 2018 on Jumia Ghana? We have you covered with the best ideas you can ever think of.

Gift Hampers: How about shopping for a hamper basket that includes a variety of items that one could use for this Christmas and beyond? Check out our different ranges of hampers that all come at different affordable prices. We also have different kinds of hampers like grocery hampers, baby gift hampers, household hampers and more.

Wines, Spirits & Champagnes: What better way is there to enjoy the season with as many drinks as possible? During Christmas, it is only normal to have events, outings and family reunions. Get the most authentic drinks including wines and champagnes at affordable prices during this special season.

Groceries: Take this amazing Christmas opportunity to stock up on as much groceries as you can for your family or for your loved ones or even for an upcoming event. Our groceries come in a really large selection and you can find just about anything you want and need.

Cookwares: Since, for a lot of people, Christmas comes with a lot of cooking for family, friends and loved ones, then it is only a good idea for you to replace those old and probably outdated cookwares in your home. Shop for new and cool cookwares at great discounts on our platform this season.