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Electroshock! Biggest Discounts on Everything Electronics

Electronics are a part of our day to day lives. From making food and drinks to getting entertained, we depend on electronics. You'd agree that life would be difficult and somewhat boring if we didn't have electronics. if you are looking to purchase a new TV, digital camera, laptop, gaming console or maybe a sound system, the is the time for you.

Electroshock is Jumia Ghana’s annual campaign that features multiple mouthwatering Electronics deals. This year’s campaign promises to be the most electrifying. Starting September 17th and running until September 30th, Electroshock will feature up to 60% discount on more than ten thousand electronic products including televisions, home speakers, kitchen appliances, refrigerators, washing machines, generators, laptops, and game consoles. The campaign will cover the majority of high-demand electronics with lots of flash sales, free deliveries on orders above GHC300 and whooping 5000+ discount vouchers on everything electronics. Start shopping!