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When you have efficient home appliances, you enjoy comfort and ease when doing simple house chores around your house. Discover good quality appliances for your living room, kitchen and other spaces in your home. ThermoCool is a popular brand for ACs, chest freezers, washing machines, and fridges. You may want to also try Midea for a full range of electrical appliances for your laundry, refrigeration, lighting and a host of other home solutions that will be very useful to you. Discover electronic appliances from top brands like Samsung, Tesco, Kenwood, LG and much more. All you need for the smooth running of your domestic chores can be found on here at best prices.

Whether you want to cool your spaces or accomplish more in the kitchen or you want to experience some ambiance in your garden, the appliances you need are a few clicks away. You don't have to spend a fortune shopping for your favourite brands and models of home appliances here on Jumia. We have C-way water dispensers that guarantee you clean water to drink, Binatone standing fan to give some refreshing moments, surge protectors to keep your home away from fire , electrical iron to straighten your ruffled outfits, Gas stove to give you a memorable cooking experience all at low prices only on Jumia Ghana.

Home Lighting, Home Theater & Air Conditioning

Our outdoor appliances such as the Halogen security lighting is a must buy for you, for your security and safety plus it also adds to beauty to your garden at night. These days of electrical load shedding in Ghana, why not prepare for the times when there will be power outage by choosing from our list of rechargeable fans and lamps from the Genesis brand. Get some refreshing moments in the absence of power supply when you buy these battery operated fans and lamps. You will also find generating sets from popular brands like Yamaha, Suzuki, Elepac here on your number one online mall in Ghana.

Bring the cinema into your home without having to visit Accra Mall. Shop for your home theatre system from the big brands like Samsung, Sony and watch your favourite movies with family and friends from the comfort of your living room which is already conditioned with the unique LG JetCool SplitAir Conditioner. At Jumia we love to sell quality and nothing short of that so you can rest assured that we are your top choice when shopping for home appliances online.

Everything from Furniture to Kitchen Appliances

There are great deals and prices you can take advantage of when you shop on Jumia. For whatever your home appliances needs are, we are on hand to help with you some ideas of what you should buy to keep your running with the best appliances you can get online. Will you be hosting some important guests soon at your home to a nice dinner? You have nothing to worry about when it comes to getting them entertained, comfortable and refreshed as long as you purchase the right electronic equipment and appliances for your home. Get the low-priced Nikoyo juice extractor on Jumia and enjoy refreshing drinks with your guests. Leave some wonderful memories behind when you all watch a movie together in your cinematic living room and do not be embarrassed when the lights go off as a result of a power outage. You should be able to conveniently switch over to your powerful generating sets as an alternative power supply. Depending on your desired power capacity whether you are going for a 2.5KVA or 3.5KVA, you will find Elepac, ThermoCool, Suzuki generators here on Jumia all at reasonable and affordable prices. Make your living room area come alive with IKEA plush rugs. Your guests will enjoy their stay when they watch the movie while sitting on a comfortable and luxurious piece of furniture in your house.

Furniture and appliances for your home are available online waiting for you to pick up. On Jumia, we have eclectic, classy and trendy pieces of furniture for sale. Buy or sell living room furniture that exudes elegance, study tables, leather throw pillows, exquisite center tables and dining sets. You can enjoy a relaxing breezy summer afternoon outdoors with your inflatable air-bed or collapsible outdoor furniture when you get them right here. Buy quality home decors made with expert furniture design from renowned brand names like Bravo 90. Find new and used settees, dressing tables, clocks, beds, exotic curtains and get fantastic deals on Jumia.

Buy Best Brands in Refrigerators, Cookers & More

Yes, we are aware that extra caution should be taken when buying kitchen equipment and electrical appliances online or offline that's the more reason we want to assure you that for us at Jumia we sell quality and we will never compromise on that. You can shop with confidence here with our fantastic prices which we can assure you are unbeatable. Get good deals on blenders, ovens, hand mixers, juice extractor and makers and also popcorn makers. Have you recently moved? Find the most affordable prices on automatic changeover switches, Power inverters, UPS, deep freezers to store you perishable foods like meat, fish, vegetables and more. On Jumia, we have reliable brands like Binatone, Kenwood, ScanFrost, Midea and Samsung you can to cater to your needs for home appliances and accessories to giving you a truly happy life – a comfortable one at that.

Browse through our full range of affordable electronic products on Jumia while you save more. Are you a foodie? Make cooking a fun thing with our yam pounder and the 7-in-1 mini wonder that can grate, sieve and sort your material. Give your kitchen some boost and image lift with our incredibly affordable Gas stoves, Electric cooker, Duracool fridges, rice cooker, Rusell Hobbs' Sandwich maker, Halogen oven and much more here on Jumia. When you shop online from Tesco, Scanfrost, LG and other brands, ensure you know what you want to buy before quickly go place the order. Compare prices, compare the features, place your order and get your products delivered to you on time with our rapid response dispatch and quality delivery system. Shop now; get the best deals on your home appliances and accessories.


Discover a wide range of appliances for your home and living from top brands like Scanfrost, Samsung, Kenwood, LG, Binatone, Tefal, Panasonic and more online at Jumia Ghana. Furnish your home in the best way with lovely furniture designed to add a certain decor and charm. There are furniture for your living room, bedroom, kitchen and more. We have everything to make you comfortable in your home and office. When it comes to lighting, you can browse through our selection of pendant lights and chandeliers to illuminate the interior of your home. When it comes to shopping for stationery and other office accessories, you can rely on us to deliver. Make your pick from top quality large appliances like refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, air conditioners, gas cookers, fans and more. We also have housekeeping accessories like waste bin, brush & parker, toilet brush and more. It doesn't just stop there, you can get indoor & outdoor power tools, outdoor furniture & decor, grill & outdoor entertainment, outdoor lighting and lots more. In order for you to have a modern looking kitchen & dining area, then you should visit our online store where you will find the best deals on cooking appliances and dinnerware.