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Immeri Vaginne Refreshing Intimate Gel - 27g - 1 piece

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Get rid of vaginal yeast infection for good, vaginal infection, vaginal odor, abdominal discharge, irregular period and cramp, loosened vagina and keep it tight. Vaginne moisturizes and repairs vaginal tissues and suppresses bad bacteria.

Many women one way or the other have had va ginal bacteria infections. This is due to the day-to-day activities of the women such as urinating, defecation, use of public toilet, unhygienic sex practices, unhygienic sanitary practices, wearing of tight dresses, prolong sittings, eating habits and many. Various forms of va gina cleansing agents have been used bad those agents instead of cleaning the bad bacteria’s, they rather clears both the bad and the good bacteria’s that protects the va gina system and leave it open without protection for dangerous bacteria’s to resurface and again.

Vaginne Refreshing Intimate Gel does not only get rid of the bad bacteria’s, but also repairs all damaged tissues caused by use of other cleansing agents and restore the health of the va gina to its natural state acid pH level between 3.5 – 4.4 for good bacteria’s like the Lactobacillus probiotics to thrive.

Vaginne enhances the self-cleaning mechanism. Vaginne does not harm the internal mucosa and epithelial cells but rather restores good health to epithelial cells.

Vaginne keeps the va gina youthfully tightened, clean and free from odors. It eliminates pains during sex. It lubricates very well and increases the libido of the modern day woman. Vaginne woman is able to satisfy her partner very well in bed. Women, keep your partners at home by using vaginne now.

Vaginne contains only “Organic acids Body-like lactate, as it contains only Natural Plant Extract. No harmful substances added or has No essences or artificial fragrances.

Vaginne Refreshing Intimate Gel enables every woman to experience natural cleanliness and comfort at her most intimate part. Vaginne and Natural Plant Essential oil, keep women refreshed all day. Vaginne restores the youthful and healthy lifestyle of women.

Use Vaginne for treating all forms of va ginal infections and also for protecting the va gina from bacteria infections.

Vaginne is better than Anti-biotics and Anti-fugal.  Pamper yourself and be a blissful woman with Vaginne Refreshing Intimate Gel.


  • Upon application, the hyaluronic acid gel permeates the entire vagina evenly
  • There is a sustained release of nutrients for more than 8 hours. The product exhibits high viscosity and low fluidity, which allows it to strongly adhere to the vagina mucosa and epithelial tissues to promote absorption and repair
  • The vagina mucosa absorbs available nutrients, and the vaginal pH is then auto-regulated. The product offers a long-lasting protection and repair to damaged tissues in the va gina, cervix and uterus. There is no need to wash the va gina after use.
  • It can rapidly replenish essential nutrients, provide lubrication and moisturizing effect, enhance va ginal elasticity, boost immunity and the self-healing power of the va gina and uterus to fill your life with more passio
  • It initiates and restores the normal function of the ovary, stimulate the secretion of estrogen to slow down the aging process, delay or help manage menopausal symptoms and maintain a healthy female reproductive system for a long time.


  • There are 6 pieces Vaginne in one(1) box. If you are using to treat very serious infections, you will need 1 piece a day for 12 days continuous
  • For normal infections, use 1 piece for 6 days continuous.
  • If you are using it for va ginal infection protection, use 1 piece a week.
  • It must be used continuous without break
  • If the user is 18 years and above, the user will have to insert the tube a little deep into the vagina and push all the Gel from the tube to the va gina while lying down with the back and face looking up the ceiling.
  • The user will have to lye down for 30 minutes after pumping all the Gel from the tube to the va gina, for the Gel to work well up the va gina ( you can have sex after 1 hour if you want to )
  • It is preferable to use it at night
  • If the user is below 18 years and a virgin, we advice you have to wash your hands well with soap and then pump the Vaginne Gel into your hands and apply them into the girls vagina
  • The Vaginne Gel must be used after bathing or washing clean the vagina

Buy Vaginne Vagina Antibactrial Infection Refreshing Intimate Gel now from Jumia at affordable price and have it  delivered to your door step.


Key Features

  • Volume: 27g
  • Content: 6 Tubes 
  • Enhance self cleaning and defense
  • Eliminate Infection / Excellent Anti-Itchy
  • Nourish the ovaries
  • Tightens and helps in lubrication

What’s in the box

One(1) sealed tube of vaginne gel


  • Weight (kg): 0.3
  • Color: N/A

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Immeri Vaginne Refreshing Intimate Gel - 27g - 1 piece

Immeri Vaginne Refreshing Intimate Gel - 27g - 1 piece

GH₵ 319.00
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