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Quality is a fundamental part of our values at Jumia.

When buying a product, ask yourself:

Did other customers like this product
when they bought it?

Did the quality of the product meet
their expectations?

Were they pleasantly or
unpleasantly surprised?

As a marketplace, we source from various vendors to bring you a wide assortment of products and sometimes these vendors may fall short on quality. This is why it is important to us that customers leave reviews for the products they have purchased and also check existing reviews before they buy.

1. Product Ratings

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These are represented with stars; they give a quick peek
into the level of satisfaction reported by customers.
Clicking on these stars also takes you straight to
the review section of the page

This is a calculation of fulfilled orders, quality & speed
of delivery for that Seller since they have been selling
on Jumia. The higher the score, the better.

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6. Read Reviews Here

Read real and unfiltered reveiws from
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To review a product just click on the
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Helpful Tips

Read Complete Product Description

Filter by Ratings

Pay on Delivery

Very useful information may be included in
the description.

Once you have chosen a category or searched
for an item, you can chose to display products
based on ratings or seller score

If you are still in doubt about the authenticity
or quality of the product, simply choose to
'Pay on Delivery' at checkout. This allows you
to check the product before paying.

There might be certain explanations that
the Seller has left for you, the customer.
For example, the seller may state the features,
specifications, compatibility, quality of the item
and whether it is a replica or an original product.

Look out for these above, or to the left of the list
of products displayed.