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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Details & Specifications

One of the most widely-anticipated phones around the world in 2018 is here! Samsung’s biggest flagship, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, has just been released. Before now, the brand had given its fans and customers snippets of what it would like but you can be sure that whatever thoughts you might have had about the Note 9, they’re nothing close to the features of the just-released phone. The Note 9 is nothing short of amazing and mind-blowing and Samsung has certainly dotted I’s and crossed ts by ensuring that almost everything on the phone is perfect. The brand is leading the way and setting the pace for the market and other smartphone brands as there are only a few worthy comparisons that beat the phone. Samsung’s flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S9, which was released some months before also stands out with very similar features as the Note 9. Simply said, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is all that you can expect in a smartphone and even more! If you thought the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was intriguing, the Note 9 is even much better and upgraded.

Design and Display

The first impressive features of this latest smartphone by Samsung are its design and its display. The phone perfectly encapsulates a high degree of style, exquisite and class. Of course, this is not a surprise; what would we expect from a flagship from Samsung? It has a display of 6.4 inches, very different from most other smartphones. Its size does not mean, though, that it is not very comfortable to carry. Samsung has done well to make the phone very light to carry to a commendable extent so you can’t have issues carrying it around. The phone has minimal bezels and also packs a host of fascinating features in a compact frame. The slim, sleek and smooth design makes it extraordinarily easy to hold in your hands, put in your pocket and also operate on the go. This high-end phone packs a screen resolution of 1040 x 2960 pixels, a value which is largely unrivalled. Colours are well-blended and the contrast is far from mediocre. You will absolutely enjoy viewing images and watching videos on the phone because of its spotless screen resolution.


The camera of the Note 9 is breathtaking, one that could readily be used in place of the digital camera. Samsung’s innovation is commendable. The brand regularly seeks to consider exactly what their audience needs and makes whatever it is available. The Note 9 has both a rear camera and a selfie camera, just like other smartphones. However, one thing that stands this smartphone out from the others is the features that come with it. The phone has a dual rear camera of 12MP each while the selfie shooter has a capacity of 8MP. Compared to its “twin”, the S9, the Note 9 has AI camera features which include the flaw detection feature and the scene optimizer function. The flaw detection is pretty new; what it does, as the name implies, is to let you know if there are flaws with pictures that you have taken so you know whether to take better ones. This is a cool feature and saves you the frustration you might have when you find out there is a flaw or error in the shots you have taken much later. The scene optimization feature is one that helps the camera to adjust to different scenes to give the best images captured. There are different scenes that you might need to take pictures in. Hence the scene optimizer helps to bring out all the right kinds of colours, brightness, contrast and more that would make your image look extremely beautiful.

Storage, Performance & Battery

The storage of the Note 9 is stupendous. You can certainly not have any issues whatsoever with it. The phone comes in two versions; one that has 128GB and another with 512GB. Each of these does correspond with the internal memory of both versions which stands at 6GB/8GB. The performance of the smartphone is what you would define as powerful. It works really fast, without any hitches or glitches whatsoever when you are operating it. The phone is basically one of the most powerful phones to have been produced in the smartphone history. The Note 9 is powered on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, making using it as swift as the word “swift” can be. The phone also operates on an Android system of 8.1 Oreo which is the latest Android operating system and Samsung Experience 9.5.

The flagship packs a battery of 4000mAh which is really and exceptionally massive. The only down part of this is that it doesn’t have a fast charge option that you would have expected of a high-end phone from Samsung like this. Asides that, however, the phone has a really good battery that could last the whole day.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Features in Details

ROM: 128GB/512GB


Operating system: Android 8.1 Oreo

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 845

Front camera: 8MP

Rear camera: 12MP + 12MP Dual camera

Battery capacity: 4000mAh (Non-removable)

Design & Display: 6.4 inches; 1040 x 2960 pixels

Sensor: Fingerprint scanner, Iris scanner etc

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