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Are you searching for new computer system or you just want to replace the older one you have with a newer version, browse through our large collection of computers, laptops, netbooks and more here on Jumia. We also have computer accessories to go with them like printers, scanners, USB cable, and memory card readers to go with them. If you want to upgrade your computer system, you will need to buy RAM if you need to change the batter, there are replacement batteries here on Jumia for you to purchase. We also have a wide range of computer and accessories available for you to choose from. You should filter the search results for color, price and the particular model you want to buy. You will get all these at affordable prices here on Jumia once you search and take advantage of the best deals and perfect prices for our computer products.

Enjoy quality computers from the big brands such as HP, Acer, IBM/Lenovo, Apple, Samsung and more. We have the best Apple and HP laptops prices in Ghana and can assure you of only quality computer products. Purchasing your computer appliances on Jumia is an assurance of quality given you already. Jumia prepares daily exclusive deals to offer you a wide variety of IT products at the best prices. There are discounted sales, promotional offers you benefit from the purchase of computer equipment at the lowest prices on Jumia. Shopping online is easier when it is done right here on Jumia. Different brands of computer work for different persons according sometime according to the profession. For instance, a graphics designer, animator or programmer may require the Apple Macintosh Computer to work since they are able to take in a lot of heavy tasks run on their operating system.

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Buy affordable accessories online on Jumia. You can get a good deal on strong and durable affordable laptop from the best brands, whether new or used. Here, you will find computer accessories that will aid the functionality of your personal computer. Accessories are essentially designed to aid, support and allow for a smooth computing experience for the user. Thus, we use these external components, we help ourselves achieve more and this makes our tasks easier and faster to accomplish. Even for game lovers, the joystick is an accessory that would make the gaming experience an amazing one.

We have on offer computer peripherals such as monitors in different inches, RAM, software, printers, webcam and other accessories as our goal is to give you convenient computing and a stress free one indeed. Jumia presents to you various accessories like replacement battery, laptop bags all at best prices. The most common brand of bags is the HP backpack for computers even though there are others, most people prefer the big brands to the not-so-popular ones and this is understandable. Whatever brand of computer or laptop accessories you are looking for, you will get what you want here. Whether you want UPS, light pen, headset or replacement battery for laptops, wired optical mouse, PS2 mouse for desktops, internet card or TV card, all are available and can be found here on Jumia if you painstakingly search our site.