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Buy Apple Laptops Online at Ghana

Apple is a household name when it comes to the manufacturing of high-end electronics. Apple doesn't just manufacture, they manufacture quality supper classy and lightweight Apple laptops. They revolutionize computing with their sleek, stylish, powerful and lightweight computers. They very popular for iPhones line of business but does not play catch up when it comes to another line of business such as its MacBooks. With its unending innovations, the doors to endless possibilities are wide open. If you love to stream your movies and TV series like the Empire on FOX or you are someone who enjoys reading from an e-book or playing games on a laptop, with intelligent storage and long-lasting battery life, you are in for a thrill.

Design: No matter the model of your device, Apple laptops are ideal for professionals who are always on the go or always on long journeys where they do not have enough space to carry a big laptop. They are designed in a way that their weight is never up to 2kg and are built to be compact and portable for easy mobility.

Display: The MacBook Air comes with 13.3-inch Retina display screen means the laptop is built with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 for over four million pixels with jaw-dropping results with razor-sharp text and high-quality graphics display you are in for an unprecedented experience. The Pro comes in the 13-inch and 15-inch model but they both have same display features. Apple laptops perform excellently well and they raise how notebooks perform to a whole new level of great performance and portability.

Processor: When it comes to performance, these machines are known for that. With high‑performing processors and memory, blazing‑fast storage, advanced graphics, and more that accompanied the gadget. The high-efficient processor lets you experience smooth running of apps and with its 8th Generation Intel Core Processor, the device reach new heights in performance. They run on up to 4.8GHz Turbo Boost speed which lets you operate without disturbance. The gadget gives you power and highly efficient fluid and real-time performance for all your tasks.

Storage: The gadgets come in a solid state drive that is very fast with speed up to 3.2GB/s. With up to 2TB or 4TB solid state drive depending on your choice, you have enough space to store your files, such as a photo library or video projects. You can boot up your laptop, import many files and launch multiple apps in no time. With Apple, you know you are in for great surprises.

Where to MacBooks Online in Ghana

Find MacBook Air or MacBook Pro online at Jumia Ghana today at affordable prices. You can also shop for your Apple accessories for your computer and other Apple-related devices on Jumia.