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Trying to name one of the top electronic brand names you have heard of over time? Sony is sure to come up over and over. At 72 years of existence, it sure is one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world, specializing in consumer and professional electronics, gaming, entertainment, and financial services. The company is currently known to own the largest music entertainment business in the world, the largest video game console business, one of the largest video game publishing. Their wide variety of products covers all that you can need in your daily life, ranging from your televisions and home entertainment to your business electronics need and cameras. Based on functionality, their products are categorized into televisions & home cinema, audio accessories, cameras, mobile devices & accessories, car & marine, and energy, storage & cables.

Sony PlayStation

Video gaming has been the number one method of bringing the male folks together asides sports, even then it isn’t just limited to one gender. As the trailblazer in the gaming world, Sony ceaselessly offers the best of the gaming world to its customers, constantly presenting improved and modified specifications needed to increase the pleasure derived from playing video games in the most comfort. The PlayStation is a gaming brand that consists of four home video game consoles and a line of controllers. The latest game console, PlayStation 4 has been specially designed and upgraded to be able to play games off-console on the PlayStation Vista, stream gameplay online amongst many more functions. The PlayStation 3 has been configured to play high-definition blue-ray compact discs. Explore the wireless gaming world with BD-live features all on the PS3.

Sony Home Cinema Electronics

Experience the world from the comfort of your home with the latest HD LED TV from Sony that fits perfectly on your wall and a multimedia home speaker giving expression to the sounds from the television. They have different ranges of television in the Full HD, HDR, 4K Ultra HD, and OLED options just for your entertainment purposes. Enjoy the best of the technological world with the Sony smart TVs that are powered by Android and discover a wide range of apps, games and much more. Their Blu-ray disc player, DVD players, and portable projectors give you access to the best video experience. What is a good movie without the sound? Not just any sound, but the perfect sound with all the elements and tunes detailed for your eardrums to pick out distinctively. Sony produces a wide variety of home theatre systems that gives expression to the sound from your TV or phones. They have different sizes and sound output options of soundbars, all-in-one systems, and home cinema speakers, either wired or wireless.

Sony Audio Electronics

For the love of music at its best, Sony offers a wide variety of headphones, music sources, and speakers all at affordable prices. Their headphones come as casual or professional over-the-ear headbands and wired or wireless in-ear headphones. The Sony MP3 players offer high-performance audio playback in packages that won't slow you down. The special design made for use in sport is waterproof and wireless and is regarded as the best work-out companion. Connect your smart devices to the Sony wireless speakers to enjoy top-notch audio expertise in your homes and outdoors.

Sony Cameras and Camcorders

Currently, among the top three camera manufacturers, Sony produces best-in-class cameras with superior capabilities. They have a wide variety of interchangeable-lens cameras, compact cameras, camera lenses and other accessories needed to give you the best recording experience. Capture life in motion with the easy-to-use and sophisticated camcorders and action cameras in HD or 4K models.

Sony Smartphones

Enjoy the latest Android smartphones from Sony. Tagged as Xperia, the smartphones have all you need for your daily entertainment, with high-resolution cameras that gives triple image sensing, Hi-Res audio and the BRAVIA TV technology to give you extreme entertainment. The phones feature smart battery management that allows you to use your battery for up to two days, high-resolution front and rear cameras, high processing power amongst many more specifications.

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