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Shop Baby Carriers, Strollers & Car Seats Online in Ghana

Baby carriers are baby safety gear accessories which are relatively new to a lot of communities in Ghana. Gradually, the old system and activity of placing baby on the back might be becoming extinct with an increasing use of tools and accessories like carriers, stroller, and car seats.

Differences Between Strollers, Car Seats & Carriers

Strollers, car seats and carriers are all baby accessories which have one thing in common; they aid the transportation of babies from one place to another, ascertaining ease.

Strollers: Baby strollers are accessories that allow you to place your baby safely and move them around without carrying them in your hands. Just as the name implies, they are perfect if you want to take an evening walk or if you have to do some work and do not want to be disturbed while keeping an eye on your baby. One of the merits of this is that they usually have covered so that if you do want to take a walk with your baby, they do not have to be affected by the sun’s rays. Another merit they have is that they keep you as a motherless stressed, more productive with other important activities and enable you to keep an eye on your baby.

Car Seats: Have a car and have a baby? A car seat is designed basically for babies and is temporarily transfixed at the back seat of the car. The advantage of this is that you can keep an eye on your baby while you’re driving and they are also safe while you’re driving as well.

Baby Carriers: Baby carriers are designed such that they enable mothers to strap their babies to the front. This baby accessory fosters a mother-baby bond as you can always look over at your baby’s face while they can also see you and smile at you.