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Camera accessories are important to have in order to make the use of your camera more effective. Below is a list of essential accessories that are must-haves:

Camera Bag: A good quality camera bag is an absolutely crucial piece of your kit. If your camera isn't big enough to fit in your pocket, the quality of your bag decides whether or not your camera comes with you. Your camera bag will likely take a lot of abuse protecting the precious photographic goods inside. You want it to resist weather as well as bumps, so look for ample padding.

External Hard Drive: A reliable backup hard drive is a must-have for photographers whether you are a pro or just starting out. If you shoot a lot, it might make sense for you to buy one drive for each year's worth of photos. That way, they're easier to locate when you're looking for them later. Because external as well as internal hard drives can fail or get corrupted and your pictures could get lost if this happens, it is always advisable to also get memory cards alongside to act as backup storage.

Photo Editing Software: Picking a photo editing software early can go a long way in making your photographic life easier. If you're going to be shooting raw, this is a particularly essential step. The editing potential of the raw format is great and you want to make sure you have the ability to capitalize on it.

A Tripod Stand: Whenever you’re taking photos in low light or trying to get that razor sharp focus, you’re going to wish that you had a tripod. Some good quality tripod have multiple settings to help you control your shot.

Zoom Lens: This accessory is also called a flashgun. If you plan on becoming a serious photographer, you are definitely going to want to invest in a speedlight flash. And while your DSLR camera has a decent built in flash, shooting in low light situations may leave you disappointed.

Extra Batteries: It goes without saying. At least one extra battery is a must-have for every photographer. If you run out of power then all the other accessories on this list are for naught. Always carry a spare battery.

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