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Cameras and Types

A camera is a device used to capture images. There are various types of cameras available and whether you are a beginner, a hobbyist, or a professional, you’ll definitely find a specific type of camera that will fit your lifestyle and photography needs. Some of them are discussed below:

Large Format Cameras: These cameras are designed for 4x5 inch or larger sheet film. They give the photographer maximum control over perspective and exposure. They are often identified by the bellows, which makes even modern cameras look old-fashioned when placed near them. Large format cameras are manually operated, therefore, they are preferred cameras of commercial and fine art photographers.

Medium Format Cameras: These cameras are designed to use 120 films. They come in many shapes though they often have a boxy look. Many medium format cameras are still manually operated, though automatic functions are common as well.

SLR and DSLR Cameras: SLR cameras are the 35mm film versions of modern DSLR cameras and they are the most common cameras used by today's pro and serious amateur photographers. SLR stand for single lens reflex while DSLR stands for digital single lens reflex which means that you are looking directly through the lens when you use the viewfinder. With these cameras, you can change the lenses.

Point and Shoot Cameras: These cameras are popular prior to cell phones. They are still made and used because the internal lens optics remain superior to those used in camera phones.

Phone Cameras: Due to the rise in digital photography, phone cameras are so popular that there is even a genre of photography called iPhoneography, which is the act of creating photos with an iPhone, where the images have been both shot and processed on the iOS device.

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