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Feel Every Beat with Awesome Earphones & Headphones

Enjoying and feeling every beat of a song you love has a lot to do with the kind of headphones or earphones one uses. It has to be of top quality, produce amazing sounds and of course, be comfortable and last long. There are many features that earphones and headphones come with. One of them is the noise canceling feature, which ensures that no noise filters in when you plug them into your eardrums. There are different types of headphones and earphones, and one of the most distinct differences between them is that while the headphones are usually big, earphones are smaller and fit right into the ears. Types of headphones include wireless headphones, over the ear headphones and more. There are also the same for earphones, and we also have the in-ear earphones that fit snugly in the ear. Music can be played anytime, especially when working out, doing chores or trying to relax. This is why you need some of these quality headphones and earphones or earbuds.

Types of Headphones

Earbuds: These are the headphones that you'll see come with an iPod and other music players. They sit on the outside of the ear and provide little isolation much isolation. There aren't many high-end options in this style and IEMs are considered by many to be superior.

IEMs: Otherwise known as in-ear monitors. These are headphones that go into your ear similar to earbuds, but they go a step further by nesting into your ear canal. They will provide a higher level of isolation due to the deeper fit and a proper seal.

Full-Sized earphones: These can be open or closed headphones, it doesn't matter. The defining characteristic of these is that they will completely cover your ear inside the pad. The pad of the headphone generally won't touch the ear, rather make a seal around the outside of the ear. These headphones tend to be large and are generally not ideal for portable use.

Full-Sized earphones: These can be open or closed headphones, it doesn't matter. The defining characteristic of these is that they sit on the ear, rather than cover your ear. Some users find the design to be uncomfortable due to the pressure applied on the ears.

Open headphones: These have a wider soundstage, giving the music more room to breath and usually a more realistic presentation. The downside to open headphones is that they leak sound and let sound in. This makes them poor solutions for traveling or if you're sharing a dorm room.

Closed headphones: These have a more narrow and direct sound presentation. Closed headphones usually isolate well, this means that they tend to keep the sound between the headphones and the listener.

Where to Buy Headphones & Earphones Online

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