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Buy Washing Machine Online in Ghana

A washing machine also called washer or laundry machine are used for washing clothes, sheet, even shoes. It is a fast tool for keeping your clothes clean and drying in no time. It is used with soap or detergents. Washing machines are available in different types- automatic and semi-automatic.

Automatic: These are high-end laundry machines which come with amazing features and functions. They are usually pricey and are seen in two types- front loading and top loading.

Semi-automatic: These machines are low-end washers featuring twin tubs. They are used for washing and drying. Semi-automatic machines are cheap and are seen in different variants. Here you will find different types of washing machines such as front loading machines, top loading machines and much more. It requires less water and less use of electricity compared to the automatic.


A Guide to Buying the Perfect Washing Machine

Before making a decision to buy a washing machine, there are certain things you need to bear in mind. Knowing a trusted seller does not guarantee you the right machine. The first are the features that come with your machine.

Material: The three materials are plastic, porcelain enamel, and stainless steel. In the past, washers were made of iron. Today, about 90% of laundry machines are made of plastic. Steel is prone to rust. Also, the plastic and porcelain-enamel are less expensive that steel. One plus steel has is that it has the capacity to withstand high spin speed. All the materials have different durability. For steel, it is between 5-7years, porcelain-enamel – 8-10 years and plastic can last up to 12 years.

Wash Frequency: How frequently you wash your clothes is dependent on your choice of the washing machine. If you wash once in a week, you can buy a large capacity automatic washing machine, it will not be an overload for it. Depending on the space available in your laundry room, you can choose a front or top loader. If you wash three times in a week, a small capacity machine will be great for you. Also, the front loader semi-automatic machine will be good.

Spin Power: All machines have RPM (round per minute) which is how the spin cycle for drying is measured. The higher the rpm, the better it will dry your clothes. Although this is dependent on your cloth texture, the spin cycle for delicate or light clothes is 300-500 rpm, while heavy clothes require 800 - 1,000 rpm to dry.

Other basic features to look out for are:

Delay start which automatically starts your washing machine when you are not around. This feature helps enable you to set a timer of up to 23hours. Fuzzy Logic reduces your stress. It identifies the weight of the clothes and uses this to choose the washing condition that is perfect for your clothes as well as the water and quantity of detergent needed.


An Inexpensive Way to Clean Your Washing Machine

Many people are unaware of the fact that washing machines need to be washed. The soap and the detergents used in washing your clothes do not make your washing machine clean. Instead, it leaves soap residues and mineral which builds up over time which sometimes has an effect on how clean the machine washed our clothes. Here is an easy and inexpensive way to clean your washing machine. You only need two items- water, one-quarter of bleach and white vinegar. Mixing bleach and vinegar is dangerous, therefore to do not attempt this. Fill your washing machine with hot water like you would if you were to do your laundry. Add the bleach and switch on the washer run for 1 minute so that it can mix the two together. Afterward, open the top of the washer for an hour.

After an hour, close the cover, and let the machine run a full cycle; this time, the water will be drained. After this, again, fill the washer with hot water like you did the first time but this time, add the white vinegar and let the washer run for as minute. Like before, open the top the machine, let the water sit in for an hour. Then run a full cycle. This will not only make your washer clean, it will also make it smell nice.