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Buy PS3 online from Jumia

PlayStation 3 is a popular gaming console developed by Sony. It is an entertainment platform which provides unlimited gaming services to the consumers. Since its launch, Sony has been producing upgraded models of the PS with time. These portable gaming consoles provide an ultimate experience of gaming, movies, and music. Online streaming of video games and music can be done through its software. You can buy all the latest models of PS3s from Jumia at reasonable rates.

Popular PlayStation consoles available today

There is a ground-breaking level of excitement among the customers at the launch of each PlayStation Console. These gaming consoles are not only used by professional gamers but amateurs as well. Having cutting-edge features and functions, these devices are better than Xbox or Nintendo. Here are two commonly used PlayStations available in the market.

PS3: Online shopping for this next generation gaming device can be done from Jumia. It allows internet browsing, 3D capability, and contains a built-in Blu-ray player. Its microprocessor is uniquely designed to allow the gamers to play complex games, and that too online. It displays advanced graphics with high resolution. There’s also a USB port, built-in HDD, HDMI output, as well as surround sound capability. A built-in microphone within these consoles allows you to voice chat and sing as well.

PS4: This is the most recent PS launched until today. Having a sleek design, the console is appealing to the eyes. It has a PS store which is an app to download games and music. It ensures smooth performance with the fastest memory and the processor that is designed by NVidia. There is also a 1.84 TFLOPS graphics chip to ensure unrivalled gaming potential. GDDR5 RAM along with state-of-the-art technology allows a seamless gameplay. The multi-touch screen with a rear touchpad and front and rear cameras make it best for personal entertainment.

Exciting features of PS3

One of the best features of a PS3 is its link up with PS Vita. Another best thing is that you can plug in a USB stick to save games. Video sharing through a share button will allow you to multitask, that is play games as well as socialize. The new PS3 App allows you to build relationships and play games simultaneously. Advanced visuals including texture mapping, real-time lighting, etc. enhance the console graphics. PlayStation Network allows gamers to play online gaming.  

Gaming console accessories including controllers use a dual shock feature. It provides a clickable touchpad, LED light bar, integrated speaker and headphone jack, as well as a new share button. These features lead gameplay to a new level. PS3 Plus subscription enables you to enjoy Vudu, Netflix, etc. It also ensures automatic system updates and notifications as in smartphones. The standby mode in the PS can suspend a gaming session and then resume it once you’re back into action. All these features make it a leading gaming console in the world.