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Cleanliness, as the saying goes, is next to godliness. How clean your home and environment goes a long way to speak about the kind of personality you have. Being clean isn't restricted only to the body but also to our living space. Regular sweeping, mopping, washing and all are part of household chores. A way to get this done faster is what we all desire and hence Vacuum cleaners. It is a device that uses an air pump to create a partial vacuum to suck up dust and dirt, usually from floors, and from other surfaces such as upholstery and draperies. The dirt is collected by either a dustbag or a cyclone for later disposal. These are very important household appliances to have around the home for easy and fast cleaning.

Choosing the Right Vacuum Cleaners

Depending on the setting of your home and environment, that is the criteria for selecting which type of vacuum cleaner is well suited for your home. There are various kinds of vacuum cleaners to select from with each of them having different specifications and features. They include:

Upright Vacuum Cleaners: Several integral parts of this cleaner are integrated into one single unit. These parts include the motor, bag for collecting dirt, and the hose are all fixed together. They are also less expensive and are best used for cleaning carpets.

Canister Vacuum Cleaners: Quite different from the upright vacuum cleaner, the canister has its motor and dust collector (bag) fixed together to a single unit while the vacuum head is connected to a long hose. The canister gives you maximum flexibility when cleaning and are more expensive than the upright vacuum. They are used to clean bare floors, hardwood floors, stairs, vertical surfaces, and curtains.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaners: If you looking for the perfect cleaning for a small cleaning job, the handheld cleaner is the way to go. They are portable, small, very easy to use and light in weight. The good thing about them is they can be powered with battery in cases where there is no access to main power source.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners: Looking for an automated self-powered, self-navigating, and self-timing cleaners? Well, this is the perfect cleaner for you. They save you a lot of time and stress when it comes to cleaning. These cleaners come with dirt sensor that helps detect which part of the floor needs more cleaning attention. They are the perfect appliance for those that don't enjoy cleaning because it will be done for them automatically.

Central Vacuum Cleaner: Just like the canister, the central vacuum cleaners are much easier and less stressful to use when cleaning. Instead of pulling the motor and dust collector along with the hose while cleaning, this particular type allows you plug the motor and dirt collector to a fixed unit in the home while only the hose is being moved around for cleaning.

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